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Making lithium extraction quicker, cleaner

Companies are using a new method that can obtain the metal in days or weeks instead of years, with less environmental impact.

Porsche is out to reduce battery-making's carbon footprint

The German luxury sports car maker is developing a new battery that it says will pack more power, charge faster and have a lighter carbon footprint.

EV battery makers would like to move away from cobalt

Cobalt is a critical element in lithium ion batteries. But scarcity, price and human rights concerns have made its elimination critical to the EV transition.

In a toxic lake in Calif., enough lithium to transform North America's EV industry

Geothermal deposits at the Salton Sea may provide much of the element necessary to revolutionize the U.S. electric vehicle supply chain.

Elon Musk: Listen to music, and to me

Playing music while working at a Tesla factory is "totally cool" with the CEO, but he has no tolerance for employees who don't follow his orders — even when he's wrong.

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