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EV sales growing faster than expected

Electrified vehicles will account for a third of global vehicle sales by 2025, according to the Boston Consulting Group. That’s up from the firm's previous forecast.

EV ads should be emotional

Research shows emotional TV ads sell cars more than practical appeals, and the EV industry should take note.

Volvo eyes safety for Super Bowl

Volvo is known for safety, but this is something else. The automaker promised to give away $1 million in cars if the 2020 Super Bowl includes a safety.

Mercedes-Benz E class boasts new engines, interior upgrade

Mercedes has created two new engines for the 2021 E class, both with EQ Boost to add bursts of extra hp.

GM envisions its AV as the next Model T

Much as Henry Ford’s Model  T turned the gasoline-powered automobile into a mass-market product, GM’s Cruise Origin aims to make mobility-as-a-service a compelling consumer option. Once challenge: No federal regulatory framework.