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A frame job: Morgan moves to a new architecture after 84 years

The company last week built its last steel-framed sports car, after a run with the rugged platform that set a world record.

Glimmer of sales hope for luxury brands?

Luxury brand sales show signs of recovery from a pandemic-driven slump in the spring.

Consumer credit roiled by COVID-19

The pandemic has made it more difficult for lenders to determine credit-worthiness and harder for subprime borrowers to buy cars.

Would-be car thief should have checked Waze

A man who tried to steal a $120,000 Maserati from a Manhattan dealership only made it to the next block before getting stuck at a red light. He jumped out, handed over the keys and ran off, but employees of the store caught him.

A yacht more to love from Lamborghini

Lamborghini is collaborating with the Italian Sea Group to produce a 63-foot yacht with a starting price of about $3.4 million.