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Infiniti QX60 targets conquests

Infiniti previews the next-generation QX60 crossover with a more premium feel that it says will help lure customers from rivals and boost sales in 2021.

Network outage irks keyless Tesla owners

Owners around the world reported a loss of connectivity during what appeared to be "the most wide-ranging network outage of Tesla's systems that we have seen to date," Electrek wrote. Some couldn't get into their cars.

NADA's Dandridge builds bridge between dealers, public policy

The National Automobile Dealers Association's first executive director of external affairs and public policy is working to gain allies and greater support for the association's diverse membership of franchised dealers.

Automakers need to step up EV marketing tactics now

COVID-19 is giving pause to car shoppers who might otherwise be considering an electric vehicle. But this is just a short-lived bump in the road that will be followed by a rebound in consumer interest in EVs.

Michigan enters fray over direct EV sales

A bill in Michigan limiting direct vehicle sales outside of an exception made for Tesla has sparked pushback from startup EV makers that want to bypass dealerships and sell directly to consumers.