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Wrangler pickup should be in dealerships by next April

Fiat Chrysler dealers learned in their make meeting Friday that the long anticipated Jeep Wrangler-based pickup the automaker is working on should be in showrooms by next April.

Genesis tensions loom over Hyundai meeting

The good vibes from Hyundai's course correction in the truck market could be tempered by lingering frustration over Genesis.

Nissan dealers will step up tablet selling

Nissan will expand its use of tablet-based selling this year, rolling out an app that guides customers through every step of the buying process.

Elon Musk is today's Henry Ford -- that's bad

By reworking vehicles after they come off the line at its assembly plant at a dedicated remanufacturing facility, Tesla is taking automotive manufacturing back to dark ages.

Auto executives remember Wayne Huizenga

A roundup of reactions from auto industry leaders following the death of AutoNation founder Wayne Huizenga.